How COVID-19 is Affecting The LED Lighting Industry

Author: James Santourian | | Categories: LED Portable Lighting Manufacturer , Rechargeable Lanterns , USB Rechargeable Products


The coronavirus has had a significant impact on global markets, which no one could have predicted. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the government forced all non-essential businesses to put operations on hold.

It has meant that all kinds of businesses have had to adapt to survive. As a supplier of premier portable LED lighting equipment in Canada, our distribution chain relies on independent retailers and big-box stores to sell large volumes of products, which has meant sales have taken a hit.

However, having lived through this human-made disaster, we’ve created provisions. We are also continuing to change our business’s landscape so that we don’t take for granted that we are leaders in our market and need to set the standard.

Our best efforts will now get poured into the virtual world, and the approach is twofold. We endeavor to develop our brand on the internet to support retailers directly, and secondly, to generate sales from the growing market of online shoppers.

We had planned to move ahead with e-commerce and digital marketing for quite some time, and the current circumstances have given us the impetus to move ahead. Consequently, customers will notice our online presence and enhanced visibility. 

While we are the first to admit that the online world is currently outside of our domain, we will rely on professional experts to support us in our expansion goals. Besides, we will increase our product range to offer a seamless omnichannel experience to shoppers.

It will benefit customers as the trends show that consumers are buying more and more online each year. But, we need to be consistent so that online customers share the same buying confidence that our bricks and mortar consumers have come to appreciate.

Online shoppers want quality and convenience, and we have heard you. As a result, we are working to give you the best.

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